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Being Left Handed?

Some people say that being a left handed person is a gift from Allah. The other say that being left handed is impolite. Well yeah, I am a left handed and I am agreeing with both of those thought. As a left handed person, what people say about me, whether it’s positive or negative was like a thunderstorm for me, up until now, I think. Maybe that’s why I am having introvert personality.

When I was child, I always did anything with my left hand, except eating. It’s very dominant. And yet I can’t do things with my right hand properly. My mom told me, that it was happen to me since I was a baby. She has consulted with doctor, and the doctor said that it was okay, that my mom doesn’t have to force me using my right hand, maybe except for eating. So that’s why I am growing as a left handed person.

But, by the time, I felt uneasy with this. I became irritated whenever someone told this and that about me. So I am forcing myself to use my right hand. Yes, indeed, up until now I am still forcing myself to use my right hand, especially when I am with other people.

It’s started since I am in 3rd period of my senior high school. I am learning every night and every time I can to write with my right hand. I am starting with making circles and rounds in a paper to make my right hand more flexible. And then I started to write alphabet and number. I will write anything I hear or anything that come from my mind.

And after about 3 months later, Alhamdulillah I can write with my right hand, although my handwriting was bad, but that was a big step for me. I am ‘fully’ (sometimes cheating using my left hand. Lol) use my right hand since I in university, except when I have to draw a microscope in first semester. My college friend was very shocked, but I can’t help it not to use my left hand.

And now, about 7 years later, I can use both my left and right hand to write with not too bad handwriting, Alhamdulillah. I am very grateful with this.

But another challenges come when I am become a wife and a mother. I have to learn how to cook, how to peel, how  to cut using both knife and scissors; I have to learn how to sew clothes; I have to learn how to sweep the floor and many other things that woman do as a wife and a mother. I have to start using my right hand from now on. No, it’s not because my husband doesn’t accept my condition, nor he’s force me to use my right hand.  It’s just simply, because I want to raise my children as a right handed person, so that they never experience like what I am feeling.

Check this link out to know how lefty are you?

And this is my result T.T

How Lefty Are You?

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